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San Luis Obispo
16 March 2012

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Bel Air
13 September 2010

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Agoura Hills
24 May 2010

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20 May 2010

Recent Comments

John Jungklaus on Belmont Shores
Very eye catchy !! Color galore !! Nice work !!

John Jungklaus on Sunland
Perfect capture in every way. Very nicely done !

John Jungklaus on Universal City
Splendid !!

k@ on Malibu
Happy New Year, dear* Hope you are fine.

Christian Richer on Malibu
I regret your departure because I can not comment on other images on the blog! Too bad for me, as I admire your work!

Bettina on Malibu
I'll find you in your other place. And I've enjoyed all your images here. Time, time-- so hard to come by ...

Eric C. on Irvine
Great light on red dress !

Eric C. on Malibu
Great shot !

RORO on Irvine
Cool light here with a powerful red that underline the scene, I love it !

Marie on Ensenada
woow, wonderful !

k@ on Malibu
Long life for you work on your other page, i'll keep an eye over it with pleasure, change is life, enjoy & ...

L'Angevine on Malibu
je suis allée dans ton autre site que tu nous proposes afin de te suivre et j'ai bien revu ce cliché ...

omid on Malibu
wooow! very nice! very nice!!!!

Mariana M. on Malibu
cool closing image .. bye-bye

morgan on Malibu
Let me know if you are selling all your cameras. I am always looking for a good deal. You've got my number.

Basile Pesso on Malibu
Yes, a pity that you leave... I'll try to look at your Tumblr. But...Maybe one post from time to time here ?

Basile Pesso on Malibu
Very good inner frame and scene.

Gérard Beullac on Malibu
A great image for a good-by !

Christian Richer on Irvine
Formidable ! In this incredible light, these women seem to arise in their daily tasks, make me think of Vermeer's ...

Anna.C on Irvine
beautiful intimacy and light !

jay on Irvine
Beautiful Shot !!

Z on Irvine
superb light

glenn on Irvine
NIce situation and a little undefined . that makes it even better.

Basile Pesso on Irvine
Superb light on an interesting scene !

k@ on Irvine
The red is bloody beautiful with that incredibly mastered indoors lighting of yours. Operatic feel.

maurizio jaya costantino on Irvine
what else !?

crazy Steve on Belmont Shores
Interesting Mural. The blue sky works well with the tones of the main subject.

Basile Pesso on Belmont Shores
Excellent framing.

Ralph Jones on Long Beach

Basile Pesso on Long Beach
Excellent B and W and scene.

Dimitrios on Long Beach
fun BW

Mariana M. on Westwood
looks like an idiot !

Christian Richer on Santa Monica
I admire the geometry of this composition! And this black line (post)... but whether from heaven or earth ...

Ralph Jones on Santa Monica
Perfectly composed, I especially like the parquet of the boardwalk.

omid on Santa Monica
very nice!

Basile Pesso on Santa Monica
The light is so hard... Excellent capture of it, and framing ! There's also the little stripe of water that adds ...

sylvain santelli on Reseda
Brute !

Basile Pesso on Santa Monica
Great hard light, interesting compo and graphism.

glenn on Los Angeles
:) love it

Basile Pesso on Los Angeles
Picturesque and funny (the first one)!

Christian Richer on Lakeview Terrace
And three drops of red, sweat of the umbrella! Awesome!

Christian Richer on Santa Clarita
Superb composition game with light ...

Christian Richer on Reseda
Where lies the patriotism!

Z on Reseda
great compo

Bettina on Hollywood
Lol. Perfect title.

Bettina on Westwood
Wow. What a picture.

Bettina on Universal City
Excellent use of those shadows!

Bettina on Reseda
Fabulous shot. I just love this.

Z on Universal City

Mehdi Monadi on Universal City
very nice

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